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"The wealth of the soul exists in images."
C.G. Jung, The Red Book

When I was a young girl, I collected postage stamps from countries all over the world. I was fascinated with the images on the stamps and what each image told me about the country it represented.

My interest in images and symbols has deepened over the years and I have learned how working with images and symbols can give me incredible insights into myself, my relationships with others, and the world I live in. I have worked with expressive arts - painting, sculpting, bookmaking, and visual journaling - for 40 years and with the archetypal images in the Tarot for 35 years.

My goal is to help people work with images and gain insights through this work just as I have. I offer Intuitive Tarot readings in person and online, Tarot readings at parties and events, Tarot classes, and classes in the expressive arts, visual journaling, mural making, and handmade artist books.

Thank you for visiting Insights Through Images. I hope you will join me on this journey!


Judy Dale, M.A., M.B.A.
Tarot Reader and Expressive Arts Teacher
Insights Through Images

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