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In-person, internet, or phone readings for individuals, couples, groups, and organizations. In-person readings in Northern California area.


"Symbols act as transformers."
C.G. Jung


In a culture full of verbal information, Tarot cards offer a wonderful opportunity to receive insights through images. I use the images in a Tarot reading to create a story of your life - where you have been, where you are now, where you want to go, and how to get there. The symbols in the cards come alive as I use my intuition and knowledge of the Tarot to guide you in understanding the messages from the cards. In addition to helping you understand each individual card in your reading, I help you see how the cards relate to each other.

My Tarot readings are interactive. I help you phrase questions and then I incorporate your questions and comments with my intuition and knowledge of the Tarot.

I give you the tools and insights you need to create your future. My readings empower you to set goals for your life and reach those goals. You will come away from the reading with a fresh perspective on your life and able to see new possibilities. 

And my readings are fun! You will get a special message from one of my 22 Tarot puppets at the end of the reading.


Reading of an hour or more includes recording. Phone and internet readings are available. To inquire about rates and/or schedule an appointment:

Call Judy at 209.221.0112


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