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A sampling of testimonials Judy has received.


Judy's readings are magical, inspiring, and filled with down-to earth practical guidance. During my session with her, I felt my own perception expanding with her clear insights. I love how she weaves in her whimsical, fun-spirited side along with the wisdom of her intuition and knowledge. She has an in depth understanding of the cards and a unique ability to listen to the delicate nuances of their messages in the moment. Afterwards I was encouraged and ready to move ahead with clear, new direction.

Anna B.   San Anselmo, CA

After attending Judy Dale's workshop on Tarot and the movie Avatar, I had a much better appreciation of the movie, as well as how the Tarot can aid in our understanding.  Judy's insights into the journey of Jake Scully were not only helpful in analyzing Jake's personal "hero's" journey, but also translated to a broader understanding of how each individual faces similar dilemmas in balancing the dual realms encountered in everyday life.  Her knowledge of different Tarot decks further enriched the experience by showing how the unique visual symbolism in the decks related to the movie.  Judy provided a fun and engaging environment to explore this seminal film tying it to the major arcana of the Tarot.  I learned more about the Tarot and how it can be used to guide and understand ourselves as well as our everyday experiences, including movie watching!

Patricia A.,   Sacramento, CA


Me gustaria agradecerte la lectura de cartas que me hicistes dias pasados. Tu lectura o interpretacion de ellas me facino, ya que fue como una terapia, donde yo fui o seguire descubriendo cosas que puedo mejorar en mi persona para asi dirigir yo mi futuro.

Esa es la diferencia con otras lecturas.

Uno mismo es el que crea su propio futuro en base a lo aprendido en el pasado.

Gracias Judy, fue un honor conocerte y llevar conmigo tu sabiduria.

De Corazon,

Valerie P.   Geneva, Switzerland


I would like to thank you so very much for the reading you did a few days ago. Your reading and interpretation of the cards amazed me. It was like therapy, where I have and will continue to discover ways to better myself, and so I can influence my own future.

That is the difference between your reading and others.

We create our own future with what we have learned in the past. Thank you, Judy. It was an honor to meet you and I will carry your wisdom with me.

With my Heart,

Valerie P.   Geneva, Switzerland



What a great afternoon. My Tarot reading with Judy Dale was revealing, refreshing, and inspirational. I now have my lotus flowers, knights, and The Empress to guide me on my way.  

Suzanne D.   Newport Beach, CA


My recent Tarot reading with Judy was fun, informative, and helpful. The symbols in the cards came alive for me as Judy connected their meaning to my everyday life. I felt supported and cared for and I received practical guidance that I was able to use immediately. Thank you, Judy!

Cyndy B.   Fort Collins, CO

I recommend having a Tarot reading with Judy Dale to anyone who can relate to having uncertainties in their life. Although I think of myself as a skeptic, I find Judy's approach to Tarot to be refreshingly straight forward and down to earth. My readings with her have been therapeutic in a way that is more comfortable and ultimately more useful than a session with any therapist. Judy's gift is in using the cards as a way to open the doors to conversation about the experiences you face in life, the good and the challenging alike. It is simple, honest, and personal. With her warmth and smart insight she is a valuable friend and guide for talking through life's ups and downs. Have a Tarot reading with Judy and don't look back - you'll be glad you did!

Sam Z.   Boston, MA

When Judy read the Tarot cards for me I found they told a visual story of my life - where I am now, where I am headed, what potentially blocks me, where my strengths are, and how I might get support in moving forward. Because it was so visual I found it very easy to remember the messages. Judy's reading gave me a way to look at my life that is both inspiring and meaningful.

Nancy D.   Sedona, AZ

When I called Judy for my reading I was a little nervous and unsure of what to expect. However, that soon became a non-issue. As she spoke about each card and what it represented, she allowed me to look inward and see how that applied to me and my life. In an odd way I was answering my own questions. I gained a lot of insight and guidance. Judy has a calm, gentle sensitivity and a joyous laugh. If you feel stuck, unsure or just curious of where your life is going, Judy is equipped to guide you in the right direction.

Kalpana P.   Houston, TX

Judy Dale is a woman of high integrity, intelligence, compassion and wit. Her educational background is well-balanced and grounded, making her a highly-sought after consultant in mathematics, business, and personal enrichment. Her use of Tarot Cards for personal development and insight is a perfect fit for the way she approaches every interaction with a client. I have collaborated with Judy on writing and creativity exploration, as well as working with her in a "The Wisdom of Older Women" course. Given my growing respect for Judy as a wise and well-educated woman, I had three Tarot consultations with her. I wanted to consult with someone who used the Tarot as and "insight tool" rather than as an attempt at "fortune telling". Judy has spent many years studying the significance of the cards, and encourages me to form my own questions before each reading. With her insightful guidance about the in-depth meanings of the images on the cards I choose, I complete my appointments with a greater sense of clarity about the life direction that might be best for me.

I have referred many of my students and clients to Judy, and we are sorry to see her leave Colorado, but Southern California has a new gem in its midst!

Joannah M.   Fort Collins, CO

We have often been skeptical of Tarot cards and Tarot card readers. Our experience with Judy Dale was significantly different. She didn't try to divine our futures or advise us on how to live our lives. Judy is a professional who listened and opened up perspectives and choices that brought new ways of thinking, empowering us to be more thoughtful in our own lives. She recorded the sessions, which we shared with a few family members who found her insights remarkably insightful about both of us. If you are confronting new decisions, seeking to expand your own inner resources or just curious about how you might interpret some of life's experiences, we highly recommend working with Judy Dale.

Linda and Morgan L.   The Sea Ranch, CA

Judy's Tarot reading was just what I needed to encourage and support my frustrating, overwhelming attempts to plunge in and make needed changes to my business. I was stuck, afraid to deviate from a business plan that simply was not working after the sudden economic downturn. With humor, enthusiasm and a gentle style, Judy's Tarot reading encouraged me to see new possibilities. With each card, she guided me through a really positive, affirming process. Judy not only asks good questions, but she also has a keen ability to listen to answers, thus generating more insightful, clarifying questions that really helped me focus and zero in on what I needed to do. In fact, one of the most exciting aspects of the Tarot reading for me was getting clear about what I "wanted", as opposed to what I felt I "should" do. I received needed encouragement to make some non-traditional plans that I just had not gotten after reading "expert" business opinions. Besides, it was an amazingly fun experience, and I needed to "lighten up" and again trust my inner voice, the one I have relied on rightfully, for much of my life. Judy's Tarot reading was revitalizing!! I plan to consult her for mini-readings as I'm about to embark on a new, energized online business. It's clear to me that all the "rational, logical" tools I had were not enough. I lacked the direction that flows from realizing and connecting with inner motivation. Judy's Tarot reading re-kindled that energy and spirit. Thank you, Judy; you have an amazing gift.

Toni H.   Houston, TX

As a birthday gift to myself I had a Tarot reading with Judy Dale. I use the Tarot reading to identify themes in my life and set intentions for the year. Judy's insight and knowledgeable explanations of the symbols represented in the cards was extremely valuable to my growth. Judy is positive and supportive and the reading was a wonderful experience for me.

Jan E.   Wellington, CO