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One of the best ways to get insights through images is with the Tarot cards. Study the Tarot with Judy Dale and learn how to use this incredible tool in your life. You will open your intuition through using the Tarot and have fun too! 

The Major Arcana: The Hero's Journey

The 22 major arcana cards in the Tarot show the archetypal images of a person's path in life - starting with The Fool and ending with the Universe.
In this class we will study the path of the major arcana in the Tarot. In Jungian terms, we will be looking at the path to wholeness through the Tarot. We will see how these archetypal images are part of the collective unconscious that we all have access to. Along the way we'll get special messages from Judy's collection of Tarot puppets.

We will study the symbolism in each of the major arcana and learn how to interpret each card in a reading. We'll see how working with the images in the Tarot can clarify each of our paths. We'll practice with 1-card, 2-card, and 3-card readings. We'll have fun along the way as we explore the world of the Tarot.

The Minor Arcana: The Cards of Awakening

The cards of the minor arcana awaken us so that we are ready for the experiences of the major arcana. In this class, we will study the four suits of the minor arcana (wands, cups, swords, and disks). We will travel from the aces through the tens. You'll learn a story for that journey that will help you remember the meaning of each card.  You'll learn how to combine knowledge of the cards with your intuition to use the Tarot in your daily life.   We'll learn different  layouts for readings and put the major and minor arcana together to give readings to each other.

Making Friends with the Tarot Court Cards

We'll meet all of the characters in the court cards and learn about the messages they have for us. We'll do exercises and readings along the way to help you get acquainted with each of these characters. You'll learn how to combine knowledge of the cards with your intuition to use the wisdom of the Tarot in your daily life. 

Using the Tarot to Interpret Dreams

Dreams are messages directly from the unconscious. In a Tarot reading the reader uses symbols to help unlock the unconscious mind. When we combine Tarot with a dream, a conversation emerges between the symbols in the dream and the symbols on the cards. Through this conversation we receive more insight into the meaning of the dream, allowing us to journey deeper and deeper into the dream to give us fresh ways to look at our lives. In this interactive workshop, Judy Dale demonstrates a method of using Tarot to interpret any dream. You will see how Tarot can help you understand dreams by using information from the cards to inform the dream. You will then have an opportunity to use this method to work with one of your own dreams. This workshop is both informative and fun and you will leave with an easy method of using the magical gifts of the Tarot with any of your own dreams and the dreams of your friends.

Tarot at the Movies: Avatar

The Fool, The Magician, The Priestess, . . . - They're all there in Avatar. We'll watch clips of the movie and see the major Arcana cards of the Tarot come alive in this incredible movie. We'll see the character Jake Sully start out on his journey as The Fool and end as The World/Universe. If you're new to Tarot this workshop will be a nice introduction to it and if you have experience with the Tarot you'll enjoy seeing how the major arcana show up in this movie.

Tarot at the Movies: Bingo Game

We'll explore how 22 different movies connect to the 22 major arcana cards of the Tarot. And we'll do all this through a fun Bingo Game. Come to this workshop and learn more about how the major archetypes in the Tarot show up in movies such as The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, Avatar, Casablanca, and many more. You'll earn your Tarot Movie Star. If you're new to Tarot this workshop will be a nice introduction to it and if you have experience with the Tarot you'll enjoy seeing how the major arcana show up in many different movies.

Tarot and Storytelling

In this workshop we'll unleash our creativity by using the Tarot to create both fictional and autobiographical stories. We'll use the Tarot to tell stories as a group and as individuals. We'll learn how to use meditation and journaling along with the Tarot to create stories. And we'll have fun creating stories with Judy's collection of 22 Tarot puppets. 

Tarot, Work, and Money

In this workshop you'll learn how to use the Tarot as your personal Board of Advisors in situations involving work and money. You'll see how the Tarot helps you step back and look at the bigger picture. Once you see the bigger picture, you can often see opportunities where you could only see barriers before. You will learn how to use the Tarot to create your own future in the area of work/money. You'll make a special pouch as a symbol of your vision for prosperity in the future. 

Tarot for Work and Business

Judy incorporates her years of experience as a corporate manager and consultant and her M.B.A. training with her knowledge of the Tarot in this class. Learn how to use the Tarot as you make decisions about your work or business. The Tarot can help you get out of your worm's eye view and see the bigger picture, offer guidance when you're stuck, and help you make business decisions. It's like having a board of advisors at your fingertips all the time!


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