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Visual Journal and 
Handmade Artist Book Classes

Learn to create visual journals and/or artist books. A Visual Journal is a great way to express your innermost thoughts. Handmade artist books can be used to express a theme, tell a story, etc. 

The Wild and Wacky Visual Journal

Learn how to express your inner self with images in a visual journal. You'll learn how to take images from magazines, books, etc. and use drawing, coloring, painting, rubber stamping, and collage techniques to transform these pages into expressions of your creative self. Judy will guide you to quiet your inner critic, let go, and really have fun creating journal pages that sing with life!

Blessing Book

Create an accordian fold book with blessings in English and/or another language to bring you, your family, and/or your friends luck in the coming years. These books make great gifts!



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