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Expressive Art Classes and Workshops

Take an expressive art class with Judy and discover the unique images that are powerful and meaningful to you. No prior art experience is necessary. Just dive in and discover!


Painting with Passion

Start with a blank piece of paper. What comes to your mind? What images do you want to paint? Now start painting and keep going. Discover how one image leads to another. It's an adventure that Judy Dale gently guides you through!

In this workshop we'll emphasize creativity rather than technique. Discover your personal mythology through images and let those images speak to you. It's like dreaming when you're awake!

You'll be painting from your intuition. And the best part is that gradually you'll carry over what you've learned from this painting process into your life. The artist M.C. Richards talked about the creative process in her book Centering and what she said about forming pots can be applied to painting - It's not the paintings we are creating, but ourselves.


No Coloring Books Here - Painting for Children

Get your children in touch with their creativity from a very young age. With the cutback in arts programs in the schools, these painting classes provide a creative outlet for children. Judy Dale has worked with children of all ages and has both elementary and secondary teaching credentials. She creates a warm and encouraging environment in which children can freely express themselves.

Make Your Own Inner Wisdom Cards

We will explore our inner depths by creating cards with images that speak to us. We will use the process of collage with pictures gathered from magazines, books, etc. and rubber stamping. You'll learn the techniques involved in making the cards and also the many ways that you can use them so that you can gradually create your own personal deck of cards that access your inner wisdom.


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